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31 Years Together!

Today, September 16th, my husband and I are celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary. It was on this day in 1989 that we exchanged vows and said, “I do!” Like every young lady I wanted to be married even though there seemed to be a shortage of young men in the church I attended.

I survived heartbreak and disappointments, but the mothers of Zion made it a point of duty to remind us as young ladies that, “what is for you cannot be un-for you”. I finally understood what that meant when Barrington Smith came into my life. I could now envision myself being a wife, having children, and us owning our own home. Well, I was blessed with the desires of my heart along, with the birth of a ministry which my husband was called to lead.

The woman I am today is because of this wonderful man of God. He believes in me and pushes me to be the best Kareen that I can be, and for this I am grateful. He is an amazing father and leader in the home. I am blessed to be loved by my husband Barrington Smith, a man of great character and who is my gift from God.

Love you Mr. Smith

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