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A Tribute To My Sister In-law Honoring Her Love Of Hats

Annette Marion Myers

April 17, 1940 - December 6, 2020

Annette wears her hats, just like her mother did.

From dawn to evening she was decked out in a hat.

For all occasions, Annette had a hat.

There was the cooking wrap turban hat.

The I am going out to get some groceries hat.

Do you remember her straw picnic hat?

Well, her Sunday morning worship hat was different from her Sunday night hat.

Now when it came to convention, she needed to have a brand-new fashionable out of this world holy mother of Zion hat!

There were hats that came from foreign, but when she lived in foreign,

she modelled her Queens New, York; Manhattan, New York or her Kentucky derby hats!

Travelling through the airport, you would have seen Annette with her hats stacked three levels high!

This was her way to maximize the number of hats she could travel with.

There was no way that she was going to travel anywhere without her hats.

Annette had straw hats, felt hats; hats covered with satin, some embellished with pearls others with rhinestones.

She received compliments on her feathered hats, her veiled hats were just as stunning.

Her hats came in all shapes and sizes, usually large and extra-large...big and bigger!

They came in all the colours of the rainbow, in multiple shades.

Closets were filled with hats; they were organized and re-organized to accommodate the new arrivals.

Sometimes Annette allowed others to borrow her hats and she also gave away a few from her elaborate collection.

We will forever remember Annette and her many hats.

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