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Family Matters!

You will never know how important family is until you have to be protected by them. Who should have your best interest at heart more than your family - and of course, you return the same favour? I emphasize dual respect, because there are those who only believe in receiving all the kindnesses of life without consideration of others. I often wonder if people lack human decencies based on the degrading behaviour they display.

Currently the world is facing a pandemic. Millions of people have become infected by the COVID-19 virus, and many have died. To prevent the spread of the virus, especially to the most vulnerable, we have been advised to stay home, stay a safe distance from others, and wash our hands often. During this time of isolation, most of us are realizing that “Family Matters”, our nuclear family, extended family, work family, church family and our community family.

For three months, my nuclear family of five and our adopted son (a young man that lives with my family) broadcasted Sunday worship services that were viewed via live stream by the members of our church and people across the world. I moderated the service, and then joined my daughters for praise and worship, while the young men played the musical instruments; one on the keyboard/organ while the other played the drums. I would then return to do the announcements, and then introduce the preacher, which is my husband. During these Sunday services we depend on each other to step up to the plate and to complete whatever task we were assigned. There was no slacking off. I should mention that after praise and worship, my daughters would then go back to working the cameras and the social media platforms.

During the week we had a praise team rehearsal. My daughters worked with a gifted team of young people to produce flyers containing information on the upcoming activities such as: the prayer line information, on-line Bible studies, “Unfiltered” a conversational episode hosted by my husband and I, covering various topics. There is so much that goes into staying connected with our congregants. Hours each day would be spent trying to identify the best means of leading and serving the people of God from afar.

Family matters! The pandemic brought my husband, children and myself closer to each other. I saw the strength and maturity of my children. The passion they exude for the Lord, the love for the people of God, and the respect and support they showed my husband and I, was a blessing beyond measure. My husband is just filled to the brim with love for God. He was preaching in an empty church like there were millions of people worshipping…it was like when the glory filled the temple after Solomon completed it.

To preserve the lives of our loved ones, we took all the necessary measures to avoid contracting the COVID-19 virus. Being isolated began to wear on the mind and spirit of us all. However, the spirit of God came to our rescue through another segment of the family. That family is the family of God (the church). The church family prayed together, fasted together, called and encouraged each other. That is how we have been able to stand during this difficult season. We are all standing, because “Family Matters” will always matter!

Look at your family and see their real worth. Okay…if there is lack, put them before Jesus in prayer, then look at them again by faith for that change. It is important to invest in the ones that are closest to you, which is your family and wait for the rewards that come from God. Some things we’ve achieved and places we’ve gone, we couldn’t have without the help of our family…Family Matters!

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