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I Wish

I wish I had paid more attention to details to see the glory of God in the beauty of each day. That I listened carefully to the blessings prophetically spoken over my life.

I wish I tried harder to excel in all life's challenges of the mind and will, utilizing the tools and resources intensely to gain the best results for where favour wasn’t fair.

I wish I had a healthier approach to a good dietary plan, maintaining an active life for when age challenges time and age and time challenges life; then I really wished I had!

How about reasoning practically and often with God? Asking him to answer the questions only he knows the answer to or he can give me the directions to navigate the course of life.

To be fervent in faith, diligent in works, and patient in hope is the state of active living for Christ. There is no time to waste, for grounds lost in this walk may be grounds hard to regain.

What is it you wish you had done for your family? What about what you wish was done for yourself? Is there anything you wish you had done but should have done it differently? What do you wish you had done for Christ that you haven’t done yet?

Let me know some of your wishes!

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