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The Assignment!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

To be assigned the responsibility of winning a soul to Christ, or to encourage someone to return to Christ, we must first understand the assignment. In Matthew 4:19, the word of the Lord states, “And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” This is the mandate for all followers of Christ to be 'soul winners'. Often this responsibility seems to be delegated to the pastor to 'catch the fish, scale the fish, cook the fish, and serve the fish for all to enjoy.' The fisherman uses his skill of fishing as a means to provide for his family. He benefits from being able to enjoy his catch, and from selling to merchants to maintain his livelihood. So then, if we as believers participate in the command to win others to Christ, we will realize there are personal rewards as well as corporate benefits attached to helping to advance the kingdom of God.

Any task assigned in the kingdom of God is not for the faint hearted. Matthew 11:12 states, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” It is worth noting that the enemy's modus operandi is to obstruct the growth of the kingdom of God. We all want to see miracles, but the task to influence the drug addict to turn to Christ for deliverance from drugs, or to get the compulsive liar to surrender their lies on the altar of truth is impossible without the power of Jesus Christ. As the scripture declares, with Christ all things are possible!

Although we have been given the assignment to win souls, there are those whose assignments plunge them deep into the enemy's territory. Many of these warriors are not classified as evangelists, elders or pastors, but rather they work undercover. Their call as an intercessory prayer warrior is to chase demons out of the demon-possessed, or to clear the atmosphere of places filled with ungodly spirits. Other commissions include the laying of hands for healing. Their gifting could have also delayed that heart attack just long enough for you to be at a place to get help. This victory enabled you to give an in-depth testimony of God’s mercy. There are those, who just by the sound of their voice and their words, soothes the depressed and casted down; and there are those who don’t have to do anything, their assignment is just to show up - that alone brings the change needed to be a blessing.

The many possibilities of assignments the child of God may have could be numerous. Therefore, with all these abilities, there must be a conscious effort not to become arrogant. There must be someone, or individuals, present in our lives to keep us accountable. If we are honest with our intentions, they can immediately offer valuable guidance. However, if we are dishonest, soon enough we will be found out, and may possibly spiral into chaos. 2 Samuel chapters 11 and 12 tells us about David and his fall from grace. With all the power he had as the king of Israel, he could have any available woman, but he took the wife of Uriah. It was Nathan the prophet, who held King David accountable for his actions. Nathan gave David a strong rebuke which led the King to repentance. Psalms 51 records his prayer.

Ephesians 4 suggests that we walk like we are worthy of the call. It also speaks of the nature of the one that is called; the oneness of the hope of the calling. It also describes those whom God gave specific assignments, “for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry and for the edifying of the body of Christ.” Ephesians 4:12. As a believer in Christ, what would you say is your assignment? Is your assignment to be a fisher of men or have you been granted other gifts to put to use? Would you say that you are actively working on your assignment? And if you are, how would you appraise yourself?

In asking the following questions, my mind went to Matthew 25: the parable of the master who gives his servants talents before leaving for his journey. One was given five, another was given two and the last one was given one. When the lord returned from his journey, the servants with the five and two talents had invested theirs and received one hundred percent on their return. However, the servant with the one talent dug a hole and buried his talent, leaving him with no investment on what he had received. This servant gave excuses as to the reason he wasted his talent. He then shifted the blame to the lord of the house, claiming his expectations were too high. The single talent was taken from this slothful servant and was given to the servant who had ten talents. That whole situation was pretty sad.

Looking deeper into this scenario, I am compelled to look at the benefits and the rewards of passion, focus and creativity, when one truly accepts the assignment given to them by God. Take a moment and envision how dynamic the church could be, if each of us strived to fulfill our natural and spiritual assignments as it pertains to the Kingdom of God, and kingdom-building. I am assigned to you, and my assignment is to challenge you to seek God for your commission.When you know what your task is, keep working on it, because one day you will have to hand it over to God to account for what you've done with the tools you have been given. I know there will be some, that

He will say, “you did a great job!”

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